JULY 2 | 5 pm Central European Time
10 am Central Standard Time
10 am Illinois
11 am New York
5 pm Germany
5 pm Poland
4 pm London
5 pm Sweden
8 am California
11 am Florida
For who
Vice President of Sales
Director of Sales
CRM Manager
Sales Executive
Business Development Manager
What we will discuss. Agenda
How does a large trading company that has been successfully developing in the domestic market for many years enters new markets.
Real Case
We will show you on a real Salesforce Org how cool & useful AI features work
Live Demonstration
We will answer all your questions regarding the use of AI features in Salesforce CRM
Questions & Answers
What you can get after being AI supercharged
Increased sales fueled by AI-forecasting
Increased sales by analyzing voice and video calls
Reduced customer churn by identifying mistakes made by managers during calls with customers
Leads qualification and hot leads identification features trained on your own historical data
Accelerated and optimized workflows with the Copilot assistant
Quick and convenient search for records in the CRM system
Increased the number of upsales by identifying and offering the most relevant offers through in-depth analysis
Improved emails of sales agents
Sales Agents' work optimized by AI-powered search and streamlining of information from various sources
Get familiar with AI features
Uncover vital relationships by exploring diverse data sources, including unstructured web pages and structured information from Salesforce records. Equipped with evidence documents that provide context for each relationship, your sales teams can effectively target the right individuals and companies, seize more opportunities, and successfully close deals.
Get answers about voice or video calls based on the contents of the call transcript. For example, if the user enters “What was the customer sentiment on the call?” in the Einstein panel, the action delivers an answer based on the customer’s language in the call transcript.
Give sales teams insights about their customer calls and surface coachable moments. Managers and reps can play recordings of conversations to gain visibility into mentions of competitors, products, custom keywords, pricing discussions, and next steps. Sales leaders can extract conversation trends and visualize insights related to voice and video calls.
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