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Increase sales, improve marketing and improve customer experience quality with business automation
Salesforce features for eCommerce
Salesforce benefits in eCommerce
More orders
Reduced support calls
Advanced marketing
Enhanced user interface
Our eCommerce cases
The number of orders has increased by 30% and Quantity of support cases has decreased by 17% for a rugby club in the UK with a sports equipment shop
•Salesforce, B2C Commerce Cloud: Inventory
Management, Open Commerce API. Mobile app Development (Flutter), Flow Customization
Integration with 3rd party system
Marketing Cloud: Marketing Cloud social studio
Inventory Management System
Reduce workload and improve your inventory management strategy with an automated system. Create a return request system to make it easier to return and repair purchased items.
Integration with loyalty programs and payment systems such as Stripe, PayPal, etc. to manage orders using the B2C Commerce payment processor. Bill and invoice configuration to ensure payment processing and invoicing at the right time.
Mobile Application and QR Scanners
Easily develop mobile apps and customize them using Flutter to enhance the user comfort. Integration of the mobile app with the website to enhance the customer experience. QR code scanners allow customers to navigate to the website faster.
Open Commercial API
The solution allows external web applications to interact with the Shopping Cart and Checkout. It can provide data access to products and catalogs.
Marketing Cloud Social Studio
Integration of Social Studio with social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to attract customers. Customers submitting the form are taken to the Marketing Cloud. If a customer buys a product or service, they will receive emails through the Marketing Cloud or push notifications through the mobile application.
Order Management Connector
Management Solution. To connect Salesforce to the Order Management System, you need to set up a special connector. It provides flow customization to modernize sections and simplify the interface.
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Improve case management, expand partner network, improve customer experience quality and accelerate the insurance process
Salesforce features for Insurance
Salesforce benefits in Insurance
Improved security
Development of the mortgage process and payment tracking system
Improved interface
Implementation of electronic signature and documentation solutions
Our cases in the field of Insurance
An improved and more user-friendly lightning UI and Ability to track mortgage process and payments for fast-growing Insurance company customers
Solutions: Salesforce, Experience Cloud / Loan
Payments Schedules Integration.
Loan Payment Schedule Calculator
Increase the speed of loan processing and schedule creation. The solution is integrated into existing loan approval processing. Create any payment schedules faster in Salesforce and attract more leads.
Community Portal
Implementing a community portal helps customers submit their applications for mortgage review. Customers speed up the processing of their mortgage applications and create custom cards. Insurance agents can track their goals and results, improving sales and services and better meeting customer needs.
Knowledge Base
The Salesforce Knowledge Base includes mortgage information and recommendations such as customer cards, required documents, credit information, required contacts, insurance product information, frequently asked questions, etc. Agents can provide all the information a potential borrower needs. Policyholders receive a personalized approach with every interaction.
Integration with the main data sources and systems that calculate the policy price and verify the applicant
Chatter Function
Implementing the Chatter feature allows you to improve the customer experience quality by facilitating communication with a loan agent. You can use Chatter functions such as channels, profiles, groups and more to share information and latest updates. Representatives can reach their customers through mobile phones, email, landlines, social networks, messengers and other channels.
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Manage supply chains, meet KPIs, improve delivery quality and close more deals
Salesforce features for Logistics
Salesforce benefits in Logistics
Reduced workload for logisticians
Improved shipping and transportation experience
Enhanced logistics KPIs
Simplified quote generation
Our cases in Logistics
The Pipeline & Forecast Management and CPQ Salesforce (configure, price, quote) for logistics service providers
Solutions: Salesforce, Integration
Implementing Mulesoft
The price list can be automatically filled out in the contract to streamline and reduce the workload of sales managers and redirect them to higher priority tasks.
PushTopic Event
With this solution, notifications can be set up for key deal milestones. This allows sales managers to reduce manual workload and speed up sales communications.
Pipeline and Forecast Management
Pipeline and forecast management allows companies to forecast performance and make the right business decisions based on the information gathered. Plan ahead with forecasting according to established KPIs. Viewing forecasts in real time help you make adjustments at the right time.
CPQ Salesforce
CPQ Salesforce technology allows you to automate pricing setup. The tool helps sales managers accurately determine product options and pricing. As a result, sales teams get more accurate estimates faster and more efficiently, reducing the workload on the sales team through automation.
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Increase your audience, improve engagement rates, simplify content creation and increase its coverage across all channels
Salesforce features for Social networks
Salesforce benefits in social networks
Improving the quality of customer service
Accelerated customer service
Workload reduction
Data consistency
Our cases in Social networks
Data Consistency and Decreased employees’ working load for social media platform for interactions in the neighbourhood
Solutions: Salesforce, Sales Cloud & CPQ: Custom Web Service, Integration, Automation of Tasks &
Events, Additional Reports
Improving the quality of customer service and Speeding up customer support processes for social media platform for interactions in the neighbourhood area and is a leading anti-hate organization
Solutions: Salesforce, Automated Flow, Computer
Telephony Integration (CTI), Email-to-case &
Custom solutions
Set up custom web logic for easy and fast data transfer to Salesforce. It helps simplify analysis processes and improve analytics
Salesforce Flow
Flow configuration and automation using existing business logic to resolve customer issues faster. This helps create automated workflows in Salesforce. For example, when a customer encounters a problem, they will get a personalized customer service approach.
Task and Event Automation
Automation of tasks and events allows sales managers to better focus on priority tasks. Conference room setup for meetings at a specific time and day is automatically created by the sales manager
Integration with Computer and Phone
The cloud telephony system in Salesforce allows you to connect the phone to the computer system. Customers can talk to a support specialist. Customer service managers can track support cases faster and more efficiently and thus better solve customer problems.
Email-to-Case & Web-to-Case
Email-to-Case and Web-to-Case technologies help improve the customer experience quality and streamline employee workload. Email-to-case allows you to create cases from emails automatically. Web-to-Case allows you to automatically collect support requests from web forms and convert them into cases. The tools are included in the Case Management package.
Salesforce and database integration to logically group all information, speed up data access and reduce employee manual work. The integration helps achieve data consistency. It becomes easier for managers to provide and access the information they need.
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Attract more audiences, create relevant content and distribute it faster, and manage customer and partner interactions more effectively
Salesforce features for Telecommunications
Salesforce benefits in Telecommunications

Productivity growth

Enhanced email marketing strategy

Optimized business processes
Optimized workload
Our cases in the field of Telecommunications
Marketing strategy enhancement and Email tracking improvement for video news agency
Solutions: Marketing Cloud & Pardot
Vlocity implementation and Workload optimization for Telco is an Australian telecommunication leader
Solutions: Salesforce, Vlocity: Vlocity Communications
Cloud, Industries (Vlocity) CPQ, Billing
system, In-house field management
Communications Cloud by Vlocity
Implementing the Salesforce Industries Solution, known as Vlocity, an industry-specific cloud technology built on Salesforce for industries such as communications, media and entertainment, energy, utilities, government organizations and others. Vlocity’s solution helps address the needs of a specific industry.
CPQ by Vlocity
Vlocity CPQ helps sales teams close deals faster and more efficiently by managing and tracking the sales process. Vlocity CPQ solution allows you to automate the offer generation process and sales flow by developing templates for creating offers, offer approvals, automation rules for product customization, and more.
Enterprise Product Catalogue by Vlocity
The Vlocity Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) solution enables faster and more efficient management of the product cycle and product data. This helps increase product lifecycle flexibility, provide a consistent catalog view and reduce the time it takes to order new products. Create a single interface for different user groups.
Contract Lifecycle Management by Vlocity
CLM helps simplify the creation of documents and the signing of custom document templates. This allows you to automate the lifecycle of the contract and speed up its approval. Use electronic signatures with DocuSign, document templates and provisions, contract drafting, document creation and customization, and more.
Vlocity OmniScripts
OmniScipts for customer support helps collect all data for installation and maintenance requests from the customer.
The Pardot solution helps create a Salesforce subscriber campaign and send all data and information to Pardot. To meet all customer needs, the Vimera team sets up a preference center, form handler, custom fields and email templates to send news to each subscriber segment.
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Enhance customer experience quality, improve analytics and increase cross-selling
Salesforce features for finance
Salesforce benefits in finance

Automated loan origination process

Forecasting improvement

Advanced analytics
Automation of work with the client base
Our cases in the field of Finance
Forecasting improvement and Enhanced analytics for IT Consulting in banking working
Solutions: Salesforce, Evaluators/Employees List, SWOT module, Objectives, Dimensions, Custom
Dashboard, Tableau CRM.
Community Portal
A unique portal where customers can submit their loan applications and have access to groups, experts and customer MVPs. This solution allows customers to quickly find answers to questions by automatically getting the information they need from multiple sources. Therefore, this speeds up the loan application process.
Partner Community
This allows partners to jointly lead customers and transactions and provide increased sales through resellers, distributors, agencies and brokers.
Integration allows you to create a link between the database and the scoring system to identify features based on data from the system. They allow Salesforce to collect all the data from an already existing banking system and create payment schedules.
Einstein Bots and Article Recommendations
Einstein Bots allow you to free up some of the agent’s time and provide your customers with answers to frequent questions about application status, etc. Einstein Article Recommendations allow users to solve problems faster and more efficiently.
Knowledge Base
The service cloud allows you to create a knowledge base for agents so they can find answers and deal with cases faster. Thus, customers will be able to solve their own problems and find answers to their questions using the articles.
Case Management
Case management covers the entire case cycle: creation, qualification, reassignment, and closure. Case management helps customers have a better post-purchase experience and solve their problems faster and easier.
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Improve communication between customers, partners and car manufacturers, attract more customers to showrooms and expand customer support
Salesforce features for Auto
Salesforce benefits in Auto
Sales increase
Improving customer experience
Accelerating partnerships and new dealer programs
Reducing workload
Our cases in Auto
User experience improvement and Reduced workload for online store selling automobile spare parts
Solutions: Salesforce, B2B Commerce Cloud: Visualforce Pages, Data Migration, Custom Logic
Customer engagement personalization and Increased sales volume for automotive company that provides a transaction platform to purchase selected and used cars online
Solutions: Salesforce, Sales Cloud & Service Cloud
Stable working system and Accelerated new dealer programs & partnerships for Volvo Trucks division
Solutions: Integration with 3rd party systems,
Indexation of Key Fields, Partner Community,
Custom Interface
Many integrations are provided, such as database and Salesforce integration, Salesforce and other systems integration through AWS, ERP client system managing production chains and Salesforce through database and Heroku connector integration, Cross Engage and Salesforce platform integration, and more.
Reports and Graphs
Reports and graphs help improve the analytics part of CRM by providing access to all your data in Salesforce. This allows you to correctly display all your data in the form of charts, graphs and tables and reduce their processing time
Individual Solutions
This solution helps to disable the email distribution at the customer’s request. Functional development of email editing using LWC components. User interface development, including direct integration with the data bus. Creating custom logic responsible for price synchronization between Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce B2B/CloudCraze objects.
Visualforce Pages
This allows you to automatically change the HTML layout for adding or removing products. As a result, you get an up-to-date list of products, and the data is dynamically inserted into the template.
Live Agent and Chatbot
Live agent technology allows agents to communicate with their customers on the site in real time and add new leads. The chatbot will help automatically process customer requests according to predefined scenarios.
CPQ Report Templates
This solution allows you to quickly and easily collect all data for commercial offer (CO) creation. You can use it to create a convenient commercial offer with a detailed product description.