Medical officers time saving & redistribution and Boosted patient’s experience for client provides medical advice services within a company developed software

The client provides medical advice services within a company-developed software. Medical workers can track the history of each patient’s disease and manage fast and timely communication between doctors and patients. Which increases the level of patient satisfaction with the quality of service and reduces the outflow of clients to other medical centres.

Household System, Customer Community, Out-of-the-box solutions, Care Plan Management, Data Management, Mobile Application, Questionnaire


Our client asked for Health Cloud implementation from the scratch. To integrate all company’s data with the international medical database system, all medical records should be stored in an electronic health record (EHR) system. The clinics use their own internal ones. The team had to bring everything to an international format. According to the customer requirements, the team offered Health Cloud implementation and set up with specific features delivery.


Household System has been configured. When a lead converts into a prospect, all data begins to go through a household. A prospect goes as individual person who has family members and relations with other medical centers. A medical officer can see these records, both contact-contact and contact-account relations.

The Vimera team has developed out-of-the-box solutions based on the customer’s requirements such as medical templates. For example, there are physiotherapy procedures, and we want to make sure that clients and doctors, when a client comes to them with back pain, immediately have a plan of potential treatment actions according to medical indications. The automation can be configured with templates.

Implementation of Customer Community – a portal solution for patients and doctors – to communicate with each other and medical officers, discuss prescriptions and pills questions, make appointments, etc.

Care Plan Management has been delivered. A patient has treatment goals with activities to finish during the week, a patient can see all of these in the app. He or she checks and completes them on a mobile, nurses and doctors view it in Salesforce.

Data Management configuration in order to make it convenient activities and to add drugs’ data to the database.

The mobile application has been developed with branding elements based on the customer’s requirements.

The questionnaire has been created to collect data that is needed before a doctor’s treatment prescription. The patient has 150 questions which the team divided to combine into medical groups as regarding allergic reactions, the presence of genetic diseases, etc.


Medical officers time saving & redistribution
Doctors and nurses can concentrate on more prioritized patients and their plans of treatment. Care Plan Management and Household solutions help our customers to organize and manage treatment, to accelerate health care delivery.

Boosted patient’s experience
The customer has enhanced the patient’s satisfaction receiving medical services with help of the customer community and mobile application. Which increases the level of patient satisfaction with the quality of service and reduces the outflow of clients.

Improved lead generation strategy
Now leads can log into the portal, fill out the questionnaire, and get a personalized care plan based on prescribed treatment. After receiving a care plan, it becomes easier to decide to be a client.
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