We assign a wide range
of Salesforce services and will guide you through challenges
to great changes
We will create and configure the Salesforce system to fit your business. We will transfer data from the old system and implement tools according to your needs
85+ Salesforce certifications
More than 150 cases in 15+ industries
A team of 60+ professionals with 5+ years of experience
Salesforce Implementation | Customization | Development
Get a new reliable and modern solution designed according to the roadmap tailored to your business processes and challenges. We use LWC, Salesforce Apex® , Lightning Platform®, and more.
Our services
Salesforce Administration
We perform a wide range of maintenance, support and administration upon your request. We can set up and manage customer and partner communities, the approval process, configure user access rights, create reports, and more.
Salesforce Consulting
We will provide you with tailored solutions and advise on how to achieve better results in a shorter period of time by automating processes and routine things that help you focus on the essentials.
Salesforce Integration
Get a single source of truth by integrating with Salesforce. We will match you with the best integration solution based on your processes, scope of work, data, cost and implementation timeframe.
Salesforce Support
We will come to the rescue in your planned and emergency situations to deal with critical issues quickly and successfully.
Salesforce Audit
Rest assured that your Salesforce system works correctly and deliver maximum value. We can audit your Org and provide recommendations.
Data Migration
We can migrate all valuable data from any third-party system to the Salesforce system in order to make Salesforce a single source of truth. Data migration can be one-time or recurring due to different ETL tools.
Salesforce Lightning Migration
We will help you seamlessly migrate to the up-to-date, user-friendly, fast Salesforce Lightning platform.
Salesforce AppExchange applications development
We can build products for you on the Salesforce platform. We will create a unique app that is not included with Salesforce. It can a simple calculator app or a complex events management app.
Data Management
Ensuring data cleanliness and completeness. Our team can clean your data and develop strategies to maintain its integrity.

Salesforce Quick Start
Create a scalable Salesforce foundation in a few weeks by implementing off-the-shelf solutions suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

We will help your business boost sales, enhance customer support, improve marketing strategies and campaigns, and speed up ecommerce operations.
We know how to boost your strategies and enhance the productivity making both the clients and the employees happy.

Having vast experience in assigning solutions for companies from different industries, sizes, locations that use different Salesforce clouds, integrations, tools, we can advise you on the most efficient ways to achieve your business goals and meet exactly your needs and processes. We know how to make it faster and better.
Error correction / Bug fixing
To promptly return the system to a working condition
To implement new features and improvements
During and after the project realization, we provide you with support that includes
To adapt the system to changes in your business
Preventive measure
To reduce the risk of problems
Salesforce Integration
Integrate your Salesforce system with
We can integrate your Salesforce Org with different apps and systems and create a single source of truth and a safety storage for all valuable data about your clients, prospects, orders, employees
Other integrations with Sales and Service systems and tools:
Jira, SharePoint, Zoom, Trustpilot, GetFeedback, iSAMS, Dear Inventory, NextCloud, and more
What we usually use
Data Cloud
To suggest you the best tool we will consider first
The scope of integration
With what we integrate SF
Budget and timeline constraints
Data security
Data update in near real time or scheduled mode
Pentaho Kettle
Enterprise Resource Planning and Client Relationship Management systems (ERP and CRM): SAP, Oracle, Odoo, Infor + other, Snowflake, HubSpot, and more
Amazon Web Services
Talon.One, Braze, Dealertrack
Marketing & Sales
Content Management System: WordPress, Tilda, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, WIX, and more
Telstra, Twilio
Mobile & Communications
DocuSign, eSignLive
Document Management
Email services: Mailchimp, Outlook
Google Ads, Google Analytics, Maps, Contacts, Gmail, and more
LinkedIn, Twitter (X), Facebook (Meta), and more
Social Media
Zapier, Fortellis
Workflow automations
Paypal, Braintree, Authorize.net, Opayo
Payment Systems
Certinia (formerly FinancialForce), Xero, Fortnox
Accounting Software
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Our Support Packages start from 40 hours per month.
Support Packages
You can purchase a pack of 40, 50, 60 or even more hours per month and we guarantee that our dedicated Salesforce engineers will work on your project for this amount of hours
An experienced and certified Salesforce engineer will be assigned to you project
If you need more hours to complete some issues, we will do our best to fulfill your request for the same hourly rate
If you purchase 40 hours of support, we guarantee 40 hours of fully dedicated work
The maximum response time to a request is 2 hours during working time (to be agreed)
Our support means dedication, care and engagement
Salesforce Audit
To ensure your Salesforce system works correctly and bring you maximum value we can audit your Org and provide you with recommendations.
What do we check?
Free Health Check
For small / mid systems to analyze the processes and weaknesses of the current Salesforce org
Up to 1 business day
Metadata Quality Check (Checkmarx Scanner, Field Usage scanner and analyzing the results)
Data Security & Compliance Check (Checkmarx Scanner, Salesforce Optimizer and analyzing the results)
Workflows, processes, automations Check (Salesforce Optimizer and analyzing the results)
Third-party custom integrations Check (Checkmarx Scanner and analyzing the results)
Manual code and logic review on a high level
Manual review of external integrations
Data quality analysis
(optional, only if a client has Sales/Service Cloud)
Up to 4 sessions with process maintainers on the client's side
Analysis of purchased Salesforce features/ licenses and their level of usage
Analysis of purchased AppExchange products and their level of usage
Recommends, reports and roadmaps
*1 day Health Check is free of charge when you continue to collaborate with us. Otherwise, please contact us for more information.
If there is
a necessity
For mid-size implementa-tions with a set of different Clouds and external products
Up to 10 business days
Contact us
For small / mid systems to analyze existing customizations and their level of scalability
Up to 5 business days
Contact us
For customers with highly customizable solutions with an extensive set of business processes and logical modules covered
Depends on requirements
Contact us
We offer 4 types of audit
Diagnose potential and real issues in the Salesforce Org to enhance the platform usage
Receive the plan of audited item recommendations to improve the CRM strategy
Increase the return on investment by having all data clean and valid in one place
Salesforce Quick Start Pack
Implementing Quick Start Pack is the fastest way to start using Salesforce in your organization.
Salesforce Quick Start Packs are most suitable for small and medium businesses that are looking for quick deployment and want to get started with Salesforce as soon as possible, growing companies that need scalable and optimized workflows and charity organizations.
What you will get
Basic implementation of the one of the clouds
Onboarding, training & guidance on how to best leverage Salesforce to support your business processes and avoid crucial mistakes
Account management & self-service support (depends on the Clouds)
You will establish the foundations for future growth, development and automation of business processes just in 2 weeks on average.
A roadmap to help you meet business needs
Reporting and analytics that provide visibility into your key performance indicators (KPIs)
A scalable Salesforce foundation
CRM Analytics
Field Service
Sales Cloud
Salesforce CPQ
Success Pack
Service Cloud
Proven results
Fixed price engagement
A clearly defined scope and set of deliverables
Fast implementation