Data consistency and Enhanced email marketing strategy for a B2B company that creates content for educators, librarians, and learners across the globe

The client is a B2B company that creates content for educators, librarians, and learners across the globe. Multiple brands include more than 8 million contacts in total.

Salesforce, Marketing Automation: Web Studio, Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Custom Preference Center, Lead Scoring, Datorama, Contact Subscription.


The client uses email channels to communicate with customers and wants to have multiple forms based on campaign and brand that will be easy to manage. The client also wants to measure customer engagement using scoring.

There are the following systems that the client has: Adestra as an email automation software and Excel pivot tables for reporting and analytics. Forms are implemented on a website and gather results in a separate database that is manually uploaded in Adestra.

There is a huge number of segments that can be based on specified file values or appropriate scores. Once contact reaches an appropriate score value, they should be engaged in different nurturing campaigns.

The client marketing team also wants to have a detailed email click report generated every week. Potentially SMS sending can be considered a new communication channel.


SALESFORCE MARKETING CLOUD has been proposed as a marketing automation solution because it covers their requirements and, in the future, the client considers Sales Cloud usage. It also provides an option to roll out a MOBILE STUDIO and use SMS for engagement.

As they have multiple brands with different email content and marketing nurturing journeys several Business units have been set up with SAP PACKAGES installed to make branded URLs and specified Send Classification and IP address for sending. CUSTOM PREFERENCE CENTER has been implemented for each business unit using Cloud Pages and amp script.

To enable emails as a channel, EMAIL STUDIO has been configured. Email templates have been created in Content Builders based on reusable content blocks.

Forms have been migrated in Marketing Cloud using WEB STUDIO with Cloud Pages and Smart capture forms and stores submitted data in a data extension.

CONTACT SUBSCRIPTION is organized on both business unit and account levels to maintain whether the contact is ready to receive at least one brand email or not.

LEAD SCORING is implemented using SalesWings integration and these metrics are used to engage contacts in nurturing campaigns.

The Marketing cloud includes DATORAMA REPORTS to provide customizable analytics and detailed reports are scheduled using automation studio.


Data consistency
The client has received a solution where all brands are stored in one place.

Enhanced email marketing strategy
Assets are stored in one place and email content can be used multiple times in different emails.

Improved analytics
Tracking reports and Datorama profit tables provide a wide range of reports to track engagement and campaign metrics.
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