Sales, Service and Marketing automation for the British solar panels provider

A British company that sells, installs and maintains solar panels mostly for b2c

  • Salesforce Field Service Lightning
  • Integration with 3rd party system
  • Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement)
  • Salesforce Maps


  • Lack of a single source of truth: the client used different systems, web forms, excel files, and more. As a result, data took a long time to process, was often lost, and then it was difficult to analyze the quality of order fulfillment.
  • Lack of automation of routine processes: all processes, including mailings for order confirmations, were manual. This led to high agent workloads, inaccurate processes, and customer dissatisfaction.


Salesforce solutions implementation and customization. Salesforce helps the client to get a 360 full view on his business process from the initial lead generation phone call to maintain the installed solar panels.

The Vimera team installed to the client’s Salesforce Org solutions to drive sales and marketing and boost service:
  • DocuSign for signing contracts with customers,
  • Pardot for marketing and communications with prospects and clients,
  • Salesforce Maps for assistance to solar panel sales agents,
  • Field Service Lightning for easy order fulfillment by service agents.


  • Costs and time for employees to search for information on orders have been reduced.
  • Configured order fulfillment automation including sales process, marketing activities, contracting and maintenance.
  • Automated analytics capability is now available.
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