Donation system improvement and Boosted discrimination & domestic violence tracking system for a leading center for victims of domestic violence

A leading center for victims of domestic violence headquartered in the US.

Salesforce, Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)


Our client, came up with the idea to optimize processes of tracking and managing discrimination issues, along with promoting marketing charity event campaigns that would turn the system into an easy-to-use source of tracking and insights.


Based on the requirements, the Vimera development team suggested the following:

Case Management implementation to register domestic violence attacks and cases of discrimination. The client can respond quickly and take action, thereby providing timely assistance to victims of domestic violence and discrimination.

To track and manage the charity donations processes Donation Management technology has been configured to track who makes a donation and how many donations were given, as well as to make recurring donations.

For marketing purposes, our team has implemented and optimized a Marketing Cloud solution to manage marketing event campaigns to attract donors and carry out a propaganda function among the population against violence.

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) implementation to track relationships between donations, contact and recurring donations, as well as to manage donation payments, contacts and organization accounts.


Donation system improvement
The donation process has become more transparent; tracking those who donate to charity has become easier; the number of donors has increased by 30%.

Boosted discrimination & domestic violence tracking system
Increased response time to reports of domestic violence; the percentage of open cases has decreased.

Donors experience enhancement
The system has become easy to use by any member of the staff along with the donors.
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