Community Site implementation and Improved data consistency for a tourism agency

The Agenzia Turistica Ticinese (ATT) is a tourism agency based in Bellinzona that promotes and markets tourism for both leisure and business.

Salesforce, Experience Cloud: Community Portal, Integration with 3rd party systems, User Profile, Audience Visibility, Custom Logic


The client asked to build a platform to provide tourists’ registration in order to obey the new Tourism Law that came into force on 1 January 2015. There is a new statement about online and offline tourist rental procedures. The new draft is a key element in ensuring the quality, competitiveness and safety of the travel and hospitality industry. Based on the client’s requirements, the Vimera team suggested implementing Community Portal with custom solutions.


The Vimera team implemented a Community Portal to provide registrations of hotels, apartments, guest houses and campings for tourists’ renting out purposes. Landlords have a year to leave a request to get an identification number. They register via the portal, fill out the form online, and automatically get the number at the end of the procedure.

The integration was configured between Salesforce and the Police Station. For example, when the form is filled out and submitted, the data will be sent to the police database. Then this form should be checked by the competent municipality and approved. Also, when the request is declined by the municipality or a landlord, now customer can delete data sent earlier.

The profiles for the users from the regional tourism organization were created. Now they can check the regular notifications of overnight stays and payments of tourist tax. Additionally, the Vimera team developed audience visibility functionality on the website to let users see the appropriate information.

Email notifications implementation in different periods of time, for example, site registration notifications, fill the form notifications, approval notifications for the municipality, etc.
Finally, the Vimera team created a custom logic. The user who visited the website after the registration for the first time will be redirected to its profile to fill in the information previously skipped when the registration was acquired.


Community Site implementation
The client received a special platform to handle tourists’ registrations regarding permanent residence.

Improved data consistency
Due to provided integrations, it became easier to search, track and manage information in different databases.

Boosted user experience
Implemented features helped the client to deliver an enhanced experience in a fast and easy way.
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