Increased sales volume and Improved data security for company provides solar panels for rent or ownership

Provides solar panels for rent or ownership with headquarters in Germany

Salesforce, Experience Cloud: Community Portal, Passwordless login, Reports, Dashboards


The client requested to develop a portal where every customer can view information about their quotes to contact a sales agent. It is a good solution for attracting customers, keeping them, and increasing conversions. Additionally, the client asked the Vimera team for community branding with the adjustment of company colors and logos, and to provide a solution to raise the bar on data security, easy to use, and create reports and dashboards.


The Vimera team got the client covered by Experience Cloud and Reports & Dashboards.

The Vimera team has implemented a Customer Community solution where users can interact with each other, find information about quotes, and contact sales managers. All quotes and offers that are currently active are displayed on the screen. The user can click on any offer and see all the information about it, and information about sellers. Beautiful pictures, avatars of sellers, etc. are displayed.

To ensure a community security side a more friendly solution as a Passwordless Login Authentication configured. A link is sent to a user in an email or another text message. A user enters the portal without a password and just receives an email with the link. After clicking on the link, the user enters a portal.

To offer a real-time data analysis Reports - a list of records that meet a specified and defined criterion, displayed in columns and rows, and can be filtered and grouped in Salesforce - have been implemented.

To let managers, see all community details and interactions Dashboards, key metrics, and trends for records visual displays have been developed.


Increased sales volume
Increased number of sales by 12%

Improved data security
Customers and employees can easily visualize and review data and information at a glance

Customer engagement enhancement
The portal allows customers to facilitate and speed up the process of finding the best offer
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