Data Consistency and Decreased employees’ working load for social media platform for interactions in the neighbourhood

CLIENT is a social media platform for interactions in the neighbourhood. As a social enterprise, its goal is to bring neighbours back into contact with each other and thus contribute to a lively, helping and safe neighbourhood.

Salesforce, Sales Cloud & CPQ: Custom Web Service, Integration, Automation of Tasks & Events, Additional Reports



The client requested a solution to distribute all information according to the custom logic and usability. There was quite a big mess with data storage and its classification.

Based on the client's requirements, our consultants offered Sales Cloud implementation and integration with the client's database, as well as a customized solution.


The challenge was about how to transfer logic and data into Salesforce. A CUSTOM WEB SERVICE has been created to manage the transfer process. As the result, all tables have been normalized and correlated with Salesforce.

In order to logically group all information, accelerate the data access, and thus reduce manual work for employees, the Vimera team has managed INTEGRATION between SALESFORCE and the customer’s DATABASE.

To redirect the sales managers' team on high-priority tasks, AUTOMATION of TASKS and EVENTS has been developed. Tasks, for example, to set up a meeting room, and sales meetings at a certain time and day are automatically created in Salesforce when actions by sales managers have occurred.

Additionally, the client asked to build LOGIC for creating ADDITIONAL REPORTS. Our experts have configured a custom logic to fill in all information for reports.


Data Consistency
The data were grouped by provided integrations and custom web services which improved the usage of the system.

Decreased employees’ working load
Automation helped to more concentrate on highly- prioritized tasks.
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