Minimizing tools quantity and Boosted digital engagement for a health care brand that produces dental braces

CLIENT based in New Zealand is a health care brand that produces dental braces.

Experience Cloud, Custom Component, Digital Engagement, Manufacture Community, Omni-channel.



The client is using Salesforce and asked for a solution to collaborate with doctors, patients and the braces manufacturers themselves, providing automations and customizations. Also, the customer desired to store data in AWS Cloud on Amazon. According to the customer’s business requirements, we offered Experience Cloud site development and implementations inside Salesforce.


EXPERIENCE CLOUD SITE has been built where there was a possibility for patients and partners such as medical clinics, doctors and others to make appointments. Partners can log in and find plans of medical treatment, cases and other necessary information to use. Due to the absence of a standard component the Vimera team has configured the CUSTOM COMPONENT of standard technology to download the files into AWS. Customization was about to deliver function to display content’s mini photo about files’ format and to create a gallery which the customer can scroll right and left.
To improve the customer’s DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT through different channels, integration between Salesforce and various social media such as Facebook, WhatsUp, Wechat, and others has been configured.
When a patient decides to order medical equipment PARTNER COMMUNITY sends a request to MANUFACTURE COMMUNITY, then a new request for braces will be created and a doctor will receive notifications when it’s ready.
The issue was about routing cases to the right agents, OMNI- CHANNEL solution has been configured to deal with it. Usage of customer support multiple channels allows us to interact with customers and find the best solutions to solve issues easily and fast.


Minimizing tools quantity
The client reduced the number of different tools and now use only one containing all data.

Boosted digital engagement
Customer improved their experience via different support channels.

Increased the number of qualified leads by 11%
That's what Analytics shows.
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