Quantity leads growth and Boosted lead nurturing for a college

The customer is a college based in the USA.

Salesforce, Education Cloud: Inbound Lead Generation, Application Management. Integrations with 3rd party systems.



The organization requested the Vimera team to build a flexible system based on Education Cloud to allow students to submit their applications fast and manage the admission process. According to the requirements, the Vimera team offered an admission system implementation and configuration.


According to the client's requirements, the Vimera team has configured Inbound Lead Generation using the website feedback form and campaigns, and their distribution among the admission managers of different schools.

The Application Management system has been implemented to collect all necessary program information. It helps our client to streamline admissions management processes.

The experts have configured integration with 3rd party system to record and analyze the results of online tests.

Integration with Salesforce Lightning Schedule also has been implemented to organize enrollees and admission managers/ program director meetings, as well as integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to conduct campaigns among enrollees who previously were interested in programs but didn't reach the application period. It allows the client to engage applicants.


Quantity leads growth
The client admitted that implemented solutions helped to achieve KPIs.

Boosted lead nurturing
Enrollees have gotten to the engagement program with help of provided integrations.

Streamlined application management system
Now the client can easily manage and track all information regarding admission programs
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