Accelerated appointments processes and Increased customer flow for a center of plastic surgery

Our client is a center of plastic surgery based in Berlin, provides special and timely medical procedures.

Salesforce Scheduler, Reminder, Custom Functionality



The client asked for a solution to have the possibility for customer to schedule appointments with medical specialists & for receptionist to track medical officers' shifts. Originally the client used Salesforce Classic and request included migration from classic to the lightning platform.


Based on the customer’s requirements, we delivered the following:

The Vimera team has developed a Scheduler to make appointments with patients and care providers. The patient visiting the medical clinic website select from a calendar the suitable time slot for an appointment with the already selected doctor and medical service and book the time. Then a patient receives a confirmation letter by email. Medical officers can see the booked appointment information in Salesforce. Also, doctors and medical personnel can book the appointment by themselves when they received a call from a patient. Another option, handling a call with a patient and sending a link with time slots in a calendar to book.

Reminder configuration to let a patient receives notifications about the booked appointment a couple of days before.

Finally, the Vimera team has delivered custom functionality for tracking the doctors’ shifts. Where they are and in what is their location, the opportunity to see it on the map. When a client makes a call, a doctor can see on the map from which place a client is calling, see locations next to a patient at a specific request. By clicking the location, a client can see time slots to book an appointment.


Accelerated appointments processes
The quality and speed of application processing have improved which increased the level of customer trust.

Increased customer flow
With the process automation, the center increased the level of patient satisfaction with the quality of service and reduces the outflow of clients.

Scalability of the company
The company has become more scalable. Which allowed the company to attract a new target audience and possible prospects to enter the markets of other European countries.
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