Improvement of donor's engagement and Enhanced donors experience by 17% for a charity organization

A charity organization based in the Netherlands

Salesforce, Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)



The Client asked for the portal to optimize and manage the volunteer's work and to create a special donation center to allow users to make donations.

According to the client's requirements, the Vimera team implemented volunteer community with donation center and integrated payment system.


VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY has been configured to allow volunteers to register and add their skills and availability using SKILLS MANAGEMENT and EVENTS CALENDAR.

The team also has implemented VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT in order to find an ideal volunteer for the event using their skills and availability.

Finally, DONATION CENTER has been provided to allow donators to register and subscribe for one-time or monthly donations, as well as to track which programs the donations were sent to using TRANSACTION HISTORY.

Based on the client's request, the Vimera team has configured INTEGRATION with the financial system for social good communities – Blackbaud. The integration allows for sharing of data with a system.


Improvement of donor's engagement
The client received implemented featured which helps to engage more donors in the donation programs.

Enhanced donors experience by 17%
That's what Analytics says.
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