Decreased order pricing errors and Data consistancy for company, relates to the field of the manufactory. Their business is creating and selling plastic products

The company, based in the USA, relates to the field of the manufactory. Their business is creating and selling plastic products.

Salesforce, Commerce Cloud: Wholesale Storefront, B2B Experience Cloud Portal, Custom Flow, Data Migration, Pricing Setup.



The client asked for a Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud wholesale storefront with price hierarchies created for a different set of customers. Another challenge was the data model. Based on the client's requirements, the Vimera team has provided B2B Commerce Cloud implementation.


Considering about current company's situation, our team suggested the following:

Wholesale Storefront was implemented using Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. With this solution, customers can easily place orders, manage their accounts and browse the client's products.

The Vimera team configured the B2B Experience Cloud portal with a custom ordering flow which reduces the manual steps required to enter and fulfil orders. In addition, our experts provided Data Migration and its management to get all of the data into a single storage system.

Finally, the experts delivered Pricing Setup such as subscriptions, simple orders, discounting, and promoting functionality to speed up and boost sales.


Decreased order pricing errors
The client gained a robust system with improved placing orders functionality.

Data consistancy
Now the client store all data in one system.

Pricing strategy enhancement
With pricing setup, the client reduced manual work and enhanced sales teams performance.
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