• Provide customers with personalized content that takes into account their demographics, behavioral data, income and other parameters

  • Manage content on the site, forms, landing pages making it engaging for each specific user

  • Segment your audience and send highly-deliverable emails to customers from different groups
  • Collect all marketing activities in one place with advanced analytics and modify your interactions with different people

  • Create, run & optimize marketing campaigns that match the interests of your prospects and clients

  • Upsale and engage your customers

  • Reduce the likelihood of manual errors and the burden on your staff
Within MC Account Engagement (Pardot) you can
What we will observe during the webinar
For whom
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
Enhancing Email campaign effectiveness: strategies for maximizing deliverability and engagement with your target audience
Lead Scoring, Acquisition & Retention. Tools to move prospects through the sales funnel using nurturing capabilities
Sales & Marketing Synergy. Use Sales Cloud advanced features and integrations to boost your marketing strategies
Unlocking cost efficiency: adapt your existing content to new customer demands and communication channels
How to create analytics-driven campaigns
11 am Chicago
12 am New York
Data Security & Compliance. Trust in GDPR-aligned privacy
6 pm Germany
6 pm Poland
How to adapt your marketing activities if you scale your business, change business structure, models, processes, target regions
5 pm London
6 pm Sweden
9 am Los Angeles
12 am Florida
Customer Journeys & Lifecycles tracking. Tailoring interaction strategies across every stage of the customer experience
Increasing overall marketing ROI through automated workflows
April 17, 2024 | 6 pm
UTC +2 | Central European Summer Time (CEST)
Business Owners
Digital Marketers
CEO, CMO and Marketers in Healthcare
VP of Sales & Marketing
Chief Marketing Officers
Marketing Directors
Chief Executive Officers
Business benefits of using MC Account Engagement (Pardot)
Seamless Salesforce CRM Database Integration

Integrate you current Salesforce CRM and exchange valuable data
Efficient and Prompt Implementation

Facilitate the configuration of MC Account Engagement (Pardot) with minimal time investment
Streamlined Maintenance

After a few training sessions, you will unlock the power of managing all marketing activities from one platform without any technical dependencies and dedicated admins
Target & Segment you audience in an advanced mode

Leverage the power of marketing analytics and forecasting tools
Resource Time & Workload Management

Work effectively, integrate calendars, check you daily tasks, and focus on essentials
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Specialist

Inspired marketer and Certified Salesforce Administrator
Alena Bilous
"It feels like they are a part of our team!"
Testimonial on Alena's work
Senior Director, Consulting Company
Manhattan, New York