Choosing Salesforce Chatbot

Chatbots are conversational apps that mimic texting online with a real person. In such chats, the actual human support agent is replaced with AI or other automation technology that can answer the client’s questions automatically. 
Chatbots are an essential part of customer service and the market offers various options. So which one to choose? Vimera believes that Salesforce provides that best chatbot solutions for customer assistance and here’s why.

Pros of Salesforce Chatbots

Automated chatbots are basically used in client support to address some common issues consumers usually face on their customer journey, while human agents can concentrate on more complex support incidents that might require in-person communication with the client. Integrating chatbot and automating the most common tasks enable to
  • Accelerate response time and case resolution;
  • Boost productivity of customer service managers;
  • Cut costs for customer support personnel;
  • Improve customer satisfaction, increase competitiveness on the market, and more.

Einstein Bots 

Einstein Bots is a Salesforce’s native product designed specifically for customer support. The bot can answer the most basic questions about status of the order, flight or booking details, and the like. It connects consumers with real support agents in case the chatbot algorithms can’t tackle the issue.

External chatbot in Salesforce

Apart from native Einstein Bot, there is an option to build an external chatbot or choose an already existing solution and integrate it into Salesforce. That solution should be interoperable with Salesforce data on AppExchange (Salesforce-native marketplace).
If a chatbot is connected via an external system, Salesforce Lightning should be used. Additionally, you’ll have to link your chatbot to Salesforce Lightning if you are building it on a platform other than Salesforce. This implies that you set up the chatbot application in Salesforce Lightning's application manager and add it to the dashboard.

External Chatbot integrated with Salesforce and Salesforce-native Chatbot compared

The choice between the two solutions is highly individual and depends on your goals, the scale of your business, the industry, etc. The criteria you may take into consideration may include
  • Price that is proportional to the size of your business.
  • Features that meet the requirements of your business, can solve the challenges the company faces, and that comply with your goals.
  • Configuration. After choosing the solution, you’ll need set it up and incorporate into your customer service system. 
Vimera has relevant expertise and experience in providing services for customer support and eager to help our clients address the challenges they face.

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