Top-2 Integrations for Marketing Cloud

Vimera talked to Marketing Cloud expert about integrations and she identified Top-2 most common integrations the clients basically request to implement in order to tackle the problems they face.

SalesWings: Lead Scoring & Website Tracking for Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud uses SalesWings as a tool for monitoring leads on websites and forecasting leads.

SalesWings Pros

With SalesWings, you can
  • Identify the benefits of your products and services by tracking the way key leads interact with the website;
  • Collect custom tracking events by utilizing a website tag management solution like Google Tag Manager, Adobe Tag Manager, etc.
  • Access all the data In both the Sales Cloud and the Marketing Cloud.

SalesWings Implementation

The solution is available on the AppExchange marketplace or you can either reach out to SalesWings directly. 

FormAssembly: Use forms and send collected data to the Marketing Cloud

FormAssembly is a tool for configuring workflows and developing online forms that may generate and modify objects. Users may create, upgrade, and search for Salesforce objects, pre-fill forms, etc. (both standard and custom).

FormAssembly Pros

With FormAssembly, you can
  • Make and publish forms without the help of designers;
  • Automate the form workflow on landing pages;
  • Save time and resources on entering the data thanks to integration with CRM;
  • Send data to Salesforce in a flexible manner.
Depending on the integration, having a FormAssembly Professional, Premier, or Enterprise Plan is required.

FormAssembly Implementation

The solution is available on the AppExchange marketplace and also on the FormAssembly official website. 

Vimera in its turn can help you choose the best option that meets your company's requirements and integrate it with Salesforce.

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