The benefits of using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

This article is prepared by our developer and Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Ivan Zubarevich.

IT technologies satisfy almost all the needs of commercial organizations, but nonprofit organizations that work on outdated software are left unattended, unable to embrace new innovative technologies on the market. As a result, nonprofit organizations, both small and large, today lack the solutions they need to effectively advance their mission.
To help organizations with achieving their non-profit goals, Salesforce introduced Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud, which includes tools for fundraising, donation management, program management, volunteer management, and outcome management. For organizations that distribute funds or in-kind grants there’s also Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking, which includes everything in Nonprofit Cloud plus tools to manage the grantmaking lifecycle. They can use these already developed tools to manage programs, donations, employees, supporters, volunteers, partners and key stakeholders - all in one place!

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Features

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud provides a variety of functionality, some of which are native to Salesforce, and others of which are managed packages that are installed on top of each Salesforce instance.

Here are some of the main features of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud:

Fundraising Management

Nonprofit Cloud includes purpose-built apps for fundraising operations, mass-market fundraising, and high-touch fundraising. No matter your role in a fundraising and development office, you can nurture authentic relationships, enable data-driven fundraising, and boost efficiency.

Constituent and Donor Management

Management of individual entities and households; ability to track demographic and contact information, relationships and company affiliates.

Donation Management

Be aware of the history of household donations, recurrent voluntary contributions, placement of funds, donation companies and matching gifts.

Grant Management

Grants Management helps grantmakers track, manage, and deliver funding programs in a single system. It allows grantseekers, grantees, reviewers, and grantmakers to collaborate and securely exchange information.

Engagement Management

Track the interaction of your participants in accordance with the levels you set. Efficiently and easily track volunteer engagement, engagement with major donors, program participants, or any other series of assignments.

Volunteer Management

Easily manage your volunteer program by understanding who your volunteers are and how many hours they have worked. Keep track of both the current work of volunteers and specific ones moving into specific tasks. Provide a seamless volunteer experience by allowing volunteers to sign up directly on your website and compare volunteer skills to volunteer opportunities.

Program Management

Nonprofit Cloud gives your program team the tools to define, plan, deliver, and track programs and benefit disbursements. It connects the dots so you can make real-time decisions about how to improve your work. It provides insights, collaboration tools, and efficiencies that increase impact.

Case Management

Salesforce Case Management drives participant achievements by helping case managers see the full picture of every participant, deliver individualized participant experiences, and collaborate widely on support.

Accounting Management

Nonprofit Cloud has a product that prepares your fundraising information for your accounting system. Allows accurate and detailed monitoring of the organization’s financial and accounting transactions to ensure a single source of truth for revenue and payment data.

Marketing Management

Offers marketing management tools that allow organizations to promote their causes and effectively reach a broader audience.

Data Safety

Data security practices(multifactor authentication, data mask, Auditing and logging and others) for nonprofits to avoid security breaches in nonprofit sector.

Reporting and Analytics

Using Salesforce’s reports and dashboards, your team can compare, evaluate, dissect, and categorize data to make informed decisions about their operations and fundraising efforts.

Integration friendly

If your nonprofit is already relying on multiple pieces of software, it’s essential that those integrate with your CRM platform. This allows data to flow seamlessly between the solutions and your core database.

A Community of Support

Nonprofit communities of over 30,000 users who answer questions and share best practices on over 6,000 jobs per month. 99% of the questions were answered.

Mobile, Social, and Cloud

The cloud allows you to manage all participants' contact details, preferences, relationships, social identities and interests in one place. Simplify communication between organizations and members. Salesforce supports chat as a document sharing tool and is mobile ready.

Nonprofit AppExchange

With over 3,000 partner apps, 3.5 million installed customers, and dozens of apps built specifically for nonprofits, the Salesforce AppExchange is a comprehensive destination for social and mobile cloud apps that complete everything your organization needs. Use it in combination with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud features for fundraising, payment processing, event management, online forms and surveys, volunteer management and much more.

Benefits of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

This Salesforce cloud for nonprofits has some benefits that make it eligible for many entities. Some of the best known benefits include:

  • Creates and maintains close connections with collaborators, donors, volunteers and beneficiaries, fostering lasting relationships.
  • Facilitates the management of programs, grants, fundraising, donations and volunteers.
  • Build personalized dashboards for various teams to help workforces manage and perform their jobs easily.
  • Increase donor confidence by showing transparency in the use of funds.
  • Customize and automatize Non-Profit features for constituents as per their routine operational requirements.
  • Provides a quick support that will assist you in managing all your queries.
It is also worth mentioning that Salesforce provides 10 free licenses of the world's best social, mobile and cloud technologies to the nonprofit community through the Power of Us program.

Salesforce for Nonprofits is a roadmap for end-to-end solutions.