Salesforce Administrators and Consultants

Changemaker, problem-solver or just a Salesforce Hero. Yeah, we’re talking about Salesforce Administrators. If your business faces some challenges, call for the admin.

What does our team of Salesforce Administrators and Consultants do and how we can solve your business challenges?

We analyze and improve your business processes, guide you between complex issues and make things simple, consult and train the users of your company to achieve a better results, we help you concentrate on the essentials, your goals and clients. We not only customize the Salesforce ecosystem to your unique requirements, we propose the best solution for you and design it.

Among the key responsibilities are:

  • System Design. We design, build, deliver, and maintain your tailored Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Process Automation. Maintaining and creating flows that simplify and automate mundane processes.
  • Data Management. To preserve data integrity we recreate and maintain validation rules.
  • User Maintenance. We set up users, give them permissions, assign them to the correct queues and centers, freeze and deactivate them.
  • Reports & Dashboards and Detailed Analytics. We deliver actionable analytics by building accurate and precise reports. We help to display different metrics for different users.
  • 3-rd-party Apps Integration. We can integrate the app you’re using with the Salesforce to see all data in one storage.
  • Bug Fixing. Sometimes users face anticipated troubles and bugs that we’re happy to fix.
  • Users Training and providing them with ongoing support.
  • And many other things we can do assisting you on the way to success.

Our team is also skilled in designing, building, and implementing quoting flows and custom applications.

Get the most out of your Salesforce technology with our highly experienced and dedicated team of admins and consultants!