The power of Salesforce: a game-changer in sales – from the perspective of the Head of Business Development

This article is written by our Head of Business Development Ekaterina Lapchanka

As the Head of Business Development at Vimera, my mission has always been to look for innovative solutions and technologies that can propel businesses forward. Over the years, one tool that has repeatedly proven to be a game-changer in the realm of sales is Salesforce.

Salesforce: a seamless sales solution

Salesforce, among the world's leading CRM platforms, has revolutionized how businesses manage and strengthen relationships with their customers. But beyond that, it has also transformed the way teams approach selling.

The essence of sales has always been about understanding your customer and creating value that meets their unique needs. Salesforce enables this by providing a unified, 360-degree view of each customer, delivering insights and data-driven predictions that empower your team to connect with clients like never before.

Driving proactive engagement and personalization

With Salesforce, sales teams can leverage comprehensive customer profiles to drive proactive engagement and personalize their approach. Moreover, the Salesforce AI, known as Einstein, goes a step further, unpicking patterns and trends from your CRM data, informing teams about the next best steps or predicting which leads have the potential to turn into successful deals. The advantage? Better forecasts, quicker deal closures, and enhanced team productivity.

Nurturing relationships and turning clients into advocates

In today's competitive business landscape, closing a deal is not the final stage; it's about nurturing that relationship. Salesforce's tools extend beyond sales, connecting marketing, service, and other functions, ensuring seamless customer experiences at every interaction and turning satisfied customers into devoted advocates.

Powering better team collaboration

Salesforce fosters a collaborative culture, providing a unified platform where teams can work together and share critical insights. This encourages alignment, boosts motivation, and eliminates the traditional boundaries between functions—a prerequisite for companies in our interconnected and rapidly-evolving digital economy nowadays.


The journey to sales success is not a straight path, it’s a multi-dimensional labyrinth. For me, Salesforce has proven to be that necessary compass, providing clear direction while allowing me to view the subtle contours and markers integral to our sales journey. Salesforce is more than just a tool - it's a partner in every business's sales journey. And from the perspective of Business Development, that level of support is invaluable.