Top 5 Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud features for your online store

This article is prepared by our Salesforce Developer Alina Radziuk.

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that provides businesses with all the essentials to create and manage their online stores. The platform comes with a wide range of pre-built functionality and tools that can help your business grow and to deliver an exceptional customer experience. In this article, we will list some of the powerful features of Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud that benefit businesses and shoppers alike!

1) AI recommendations

By analyzing customers’ interests, behavior and purchase patterns, Commerce Cloud Einstein can dynamically generate personalized product recommendations. For example, you can show recommendations based on items the customer already bought or by analyzing the viewing behavior of other customers who viewed the same product. By understanding what customers need, you can show more relevant results and optimize pricing strategies, plus forecast demand more accurately.

2) Promotions and Discounts

There is a functionality that allows administrators to set up various promotion types such as discounts, coupons, seasonal sales, purchases gifts, shipping incentives or any other variations depending on your business needs. Multiple promotions can be grouped into campaigns, targeted at specific customer groups and scheduled to go live at optimal time. This approach ensures that promotions are effective and enhances customer engagement.

3) Product Bundles and Sets

You can use product bundles and product sets to combine multiple products that are often purchased together. Bundle items are sold only as a complete package and products from sets can be bought either as the entire set or individual items within it, providing convenience to your customers and potentially increasing the average order value.

4) Search Suggestions and Results

To help customers search for the right thing more effectively Salesforce B2C Commerce comes with some useful features:

  • Search synonyms to recognize different words that can mean the same thing. If the customer searches for “trousers”, the "pants" also will be shown.

  • Hypernyms is a word with a broad meaning that more specific words fall under. For example, if a customer is looking for “Footwear”, the search will return sneakers, sandals and so on.

  • Common Phrases define the word combinations that the search engine finds as a unit, such as a pencil case.

  • Short terms to be able to specify short words (fewer than three characters) that the search engine evaluates. For example, “TV” would be understood as “television”.

  • Spell correction

  • Auto-suggestion

  • And more

Also, you can customize the search results by sorting and refining them, for example, by displaying the newest products on top.

5) Gift Certificates

Customers can purchase and email gift certificates, a perfect present for any occasion, to a recipient of their choice. Recipients can redeem these certificates, using them as payment for products and keeping track of a certificate balance. Businesses benefit too, with this functionality, you can access analytics to enhance customer engagement.