User experience improvement and Accelerated data access for a manufacturer of motorcycles, marine products such as boats and outboard motors, and other motorized products

A manufacturer of motorcycles, marine products such as boats and outboard motors, and other motorized products.

Salesforce, Sales & Experience Cloud Custom Development, Integration with Salesforce & AWS, CPQ Customization


Our client was not satisfied with the sales process, quote generation and existing manual work. The client came to Vimera with the requirements to develop custom functionality for Sales and Experience Clouds with related integrations with databases.


There is a huge number of databases. The databases, responsible for the inventory and product reservation, website to purchase products, customer service, etc., should have been integrated into Salesforce. It helps to achieve data consistency and resolve the complexity of communication between various systems. For example, when the prospect is willing to book a test drive for a selected model the request is going to the database to check the availability of the motorcycle in the warehouse and then shown to the prospect whether the product can be booked or not at this time. In this case, the Vimera team has configured integration between Salesforce and other systems via AWS.

The original view of the quote doesn't satisfy the client. Regarding this issue, CPQ quote templates have been built by using PDF Butler – paid App to be set up. It allows the collection of data from the quote. As the result, we have a beautiful quote with a product description.

The Vimera team has developed and implemented the next custom solutions related to Sales and Experience Clouds:

Firstly, imagine you want to book a test drive from the website. To do that you should choose a dealer, the time slot and a model. The dealer sees the reservation request in the Community portal and approves or declines it depending on the availability. All this information goes to Salesforce. Then you receive the approval notification by email through Salesforce. The main idea is that a prospect doesn’t request the dealer directly. The same happens with customer support requests.

Secondly, notifications functionality has been implemented to assign the request to the right persons in the company. When a customer booked customer service or test-drive the information goes to Salesforce which should be accepted. Then notifications are sent to employees responsible for customer services and test drives.

Thirdly, imagine you are looking for a black motorcycle. The dealer configures it by talking to you and discussing the details of the configuration in the portal. The client asked for a custom solution where a prospect can see how many motorcycles are in stock right now. It should be shown in a column by pushing the button on the website.

Then the request goes to the warehouse via AWS with identifications for each hypothetical product in the package – the number of black motorcycles, green motorcycles, etc.


User experience improvement
Both customers and dealers received a convenient system to book test-drive and support, and the client can transparently monitor, track and manage all action within Salesforce.

Accelerated data access
Integrations with databases helped to get access to all databases across various dealers.

Boosted sales
The client has increased sales by 23%.
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