Increased sales, enhanced customer loyalty and improved customer experience for a well-known dental materials manufacturer in the US

The client is a well-known manufacturing company in the United States which produces materials for invisible braces, and other products related to orthodontic care and distributes them around the world

Salesforce, B2C Commerce Cloud:
  • B2B commerce Storefront site customization
  • Product and pricing set up
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Invoicing
  • Discount Configuration
  • Delivery tracking


The company wanted to improve the user experience for B2B clients and give them a convenient way of placing orders and getting discounts based on client, volume or product. Their clients should have been able to select products and see the summary in the cart and be able to pay via card, PayPal or banking transfer bill.


The Vimera team developed the Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud solution to help the customer to improve their B2B commerce platform. The solution included the following enhancements:

Configured pricebooks in Salesforce, allowing the Client to define different prices depending on customer’s country and discounts for various customer segments.

Set up various product options (standard, bundles and kits) to satisfy different customer’s needs and configured product variations within Salesforce, allowing customers to select specific attributes (e.g. size, material, color) while ordering a product.

Set up and maintained promotions allowing discounts based on customer segments, order volume and seasonal opportunities to encourage bulk purchases and enhance customer loyalty.

Customized B2B Storefront by incorporating company’s brand colors, logo, and fonts.

Implemented automatic invoice generation within the checkout process. Configured invoices sending to customers via email and store copies within the platform for easy access and reference.

Implemented integrations with leading payment systems to give business users opportunity to use different payments options and to enable efficient payment processing.

Configured shipment management allowing customers to select preferred delivery method and to track the shipment status, collaborated with a back-end team who was responsible for shipment integration logic.

Provided customizable reports and dashboards helping monitoring sales performance, effectiveness of pricing strategies and promotions.


Improved Customer Experience. The platform uses a friendly and responsive user interface reflecting company's brand, where business users can find customized product choices and pricing, enhancing their shopping experience.

Customer Loyalty. By providing seamless and personalized shopping experience, along with attractive discounts, we encouraged customer loyalty.

Enhanced Checkout with Automated Invoice Generation. Implementing automated invoice generation and email delivery optimized the billing process and enhanced customers experience.

Increased Sales. Offering different product options encourages bulk purchases and repeat business, driving sales growth.
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