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Produce more products with less cost, streamline your production management system and improve customer experience quality
Salesforce benefits in manufacturing

Improved customer service
Reduced employee workload
Increased profits
Sales automation
Our cases in Manufacturing
Decreased order pricing errors and Data consistancy for company, relates to the field of the manufactory. Their business is creating and selling plastic products.
Solutions: Salesforce, Commerce Cloud: Wholesale Storefront, B2B Experience Cloud Portal, Custom Flow, Data Migration, Pricing Setup.
Increased productivity and Time & cost savings for a large manufacturing company
Solutions: Salesforce, Sales Cloud, CPQ: Contract Renewal, Billing, CPQ Integration with DocuSign.
Sales improvement and Boosted customer engagement for client provides world-class service and innovative water treatment solutions
Solutions: Salesforce, Sales Cloud: Price Book Automation, Auto-response, A Visualforce PDF Template. Field Service Lightning: Picklists, Integration with 3rd party systems.
Wholesale storefront
Implementing a wholesale storefront solution, a user-centric site, using the Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud allows customers to place orders, manage accounts, and view products. Wholesalers increase profits faster by focusing on the customer experience.
Setting up Pricing and Automation of the Price List
Price list automation helps simplify price setting. Price setting can accelerate and increase sales through subscriptions, discounts and promotional features.
Field Service Lightning & Picklists
Implementing a Field Service Lightning solution helps improve the management of your workforce through automation to speed up the work of managers and agents.
Confirmation Emails
These are order, cancellation, and purchase confirmation emails. For example, when customers take an action through a website or mobile app, they will receive an automated message informing them of their order, cancellation, or purchase processes.
Einstein Analytics
Einstein Analytics helps predict sales by displaying the result on a dedicated dashboard, highlighting key performance indicators for the sales team. Einstein allows you to automatically analyze customer data from emails, providing analytical information and predicting next steps.
Salesforce features for Manufacturing
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Increase the number of trial downloads, attract more software customers and improve customer experience quality
Salesforce benefits in software
Enhanced interaction strategy
Optimizing the workload of sales and marketing departments
Optimized campaign analytics
Enhanced customer acquisition campaigns
Our cases in Software
Enhanced prospects engagement strategy and Boosted nurturing leads strategy for Software Developer Company for Insurance & Mortgages
Solutions: Pardot: Form Handler, Engagement
Program, Prospect Custom Fields
Boosted social marketing campaigns analytics and Costs & Time savings for a global computer software provider
Solutions: Pardot Integration, LinkedIn, Facebook,
Google Analytics
Marketing campaign's analytical part improvement and Social media marketing strategy enhancement for a software development company
Solutions: Salesforce, Pardot Google Analytics
Connector, Pardot LinkedIn Connector
Automatic Price List
The price list can be automatically filled out in the contract to streamline and reduce the workload of sales managers and redirect them to higher priority tasks.
The Pardot solution helps improve the model of interaction with leads. The form from the website allows you to install a trial version of the product. For example, if a potential customer fills out the form and clicks the submit button, this action triggers the software download and the information is then redirected to the form handler for Pardot with subscriber information.
Prospect Custom Fields
Pardot fields do not contain lead data by default. If it's customized, it can collect information tailored to your needs. The Prospect custom fields solution allows you to track and manage in-depth lead tracking throughout the cycle. You can map and synchronize your custom fields with Salesforce.
Pardot Google Analytics Connector
The Pardot Google Analytics Connector solution allows you to track UTM campaigns and initial parameters in Pardot. The user can see which campaign and source the lead came from, manage audience segmentation by campaign, and send an email to an audience segment on a specific date.
Pardot LinkedIn & Facebook Connector
Pardot LinkedIn Connector allows you to schedule the day and time to post on LinkedIn. Pardot’s integration with Facebook allows you to post within Pardot, set a specific day and time for the post to be published, and measure engagement levels.
Salesforce features for Software
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Provide patient interaction across multiple channels, reduce the burden on medical staff and manage partner programs

Salesforce benefits in healthcare

Saving and optimizing the workload of medical personnel
Faster record processing
Enhanced patient service
Improved lead generation strategy
Our cases in Healthcare
Medical officers time saving & redistribution and Boosted patient’s experience for client provides medical advice services within a company developed software
Solutions: Household System, Customer Community, Out-of-the-box solutions, Care Plan
Management, Data Management, Mobile
Application, Questionnaire
Boosted email marketing strategy and Time & costs savings by automating marketing workflow for clinical advocacy that provides industry-leading solution
Solutions: Salesforce, Marketing Cloud: Email
Templates, Journey Builder, Triggered Sends
Accelerated appointments processes and Increased customer flow for a center of plastic surgery
Solutions: Salesforce Scheduler, Reminder, Custom Functionality
Schedule management and notifications
A patient can make an appointment with a doctor through the website or application, and the medical center can make a reservation. The patient then receives a confirmation email. The medical personnel can view appointment information in the Salesforce system.
Household System
When a lead becomes a potential customer, the medical center specialist can see her/his family member’s information and appointments at other medical centers
Customer Community
This solution helps improve communication and get loyal patients, doctors and partners.
Clinical Records
Any information and all data about the customer is stored in the database of the network of clinics, no matter what region they apply to. This was made possible by the integration of all company’s data with the international medical database system.
Doctor Change Tracking
Doctor change tracking is a custom solution that can be implemented by Salesforce for a shared database. A doctor or manager can make an appointment for a client at a clinic located in the client’s region
Medical Templates
For example, templates allow you to create a treatment plan for patients with similar diagnoses according to medical indications.
Salesforce features for Healthcare
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Improve travel quality, streamline booking processes, attract customers through marketing, and increase company revenue
Salesforce features for Travel & Hospitality
Salesforce benefits in Travel & Hospitality
Email tracking improvement
Improved customer service
Engagement program
Increasing engagement
Our cases in the field of Travel & Hospitality
Community Site implementation and Improved data consistency for a tourism agency
Solutions: Salesforce, Experience Cloud: Community Portal, Integration with 3rd party systems, User Profile, Audience Visibility, Custom Logic
Customer experience improvement and Boosted marketing strategy for operator of luxury resorts and timeshares
Solutions: Salesforce, Marketing Cloud: Journey
Builder, Mobile Studio, Email Builder
Customer experience improvement and Increased brand awareness with boosted engagement program for a travel agency
Solutions: Salesforce, Marketing Cloud: Data Migration, Double Opt-In, Preference Center, Newsletter Landing Page, Journeys
Email Templates
Setting up dynamic email templates allows you to use a single email that displays specific information for a specific resort based on city and location. Adaptive email template solution helps resize emails to display correctly on different devices
Transactional and Sales Emails
Setting up transactional and sales emails to improve the strategy of interaction with potential customers. For example, a transactional email can be sent in response to a customer’s interaction with the website. Sales emails can be sent when potential customers subscribe to promotional content
Journey Builder
The Journey Builder solution helps manage the customer cycle and improve the customer experience quality. It allows you to create personalized routes. In addition, you can automatically send messages with relevant content based on real-time events
Information Landing
After completing the opt-in process, the new subscriber automatically receives a greeting card and a discount coupon. If the subscriber does not open the mailing within 6 months, then a special reminder will be sent to him.
Community Portal
Implementing a community portal solution to provide registration of tourism infrastructure such as hotels, apartments, guest houses, etc., to be rented out to tourists. Landlords have a year to apply for an ID number. They register through the portal, fill out the form online and automatically receive a registration number at the end.
Integration between Salesforce and the police station database to obtain data on registered tourists by filling out a form with the necessary tourist and landlord information. If the request is rejected by the municipality or landlord, the customer can delete the data sent earlier on their own.
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Simplify communication between donors, partners and charity organizations and improve the donor service quality
Salesforce benefits in nonprofits

Improved donor experience
Enhanced interaction model
Simplified donation system
Centralized data storage
Our cases in Nonprofits
Improvement of donor's engagement and Enhanced donors experience by 17% for a charity organization
Solutions: Salesforce, Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
Boosted donors' experience and Donors' engagement strategy enhancement for non-profit sector company
Solutions: Salesforce, Experience Cloud, payment
system building
Donation system improvement and Boosted discrimination & domestic violence tracking system for a leading center for victims of domestic violence
Solutions: Salesforce, Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
Nonprofit Success Pack
The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) helps nonprofits accelerate fundraising. It allows donors to receive support, make donations and engage in repeat program participation
Volunteer and Donation Management
The donation management solution allows nonprofits to track information about donors, donation amounts and recurring donations. Volunteer management solution helps a nonprofit organization find the perfect volunteer candidate based on their skills
Case Management
Case management allows to improve customer service by automatically creating cases from submitted requests. For example, to record acts of domestic violence and discrimination cases. Respond quickly and take action, thereby providing timely assistance to victims of domestic violence and discrimination.
Volunteer Community
It allows volunteers to register in the system and add information about their skills and employment through skill management features and an event calendar. This solution helps nonprofit organizations improve their volunteer management systems and simplify the selection process.
Marketing Cloud
For example, the Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Center uses Marketing Cloud to manage donor recruitment marketing campaigns and perform a public information function against violence.
Donation Center
The Donation Center allows donors to register and subscribe for one-time or monthly donations and track the history of donations made through transaction history.
Salesforce features for Nonprofit
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Increase sales, improve marketing and improve customer experience quality with business automation
Salesforce benefits in eCommerce
More orders
Reduced support calls
Advanced marketing
Enhanced user interface
Our eCommerce cases
The number of orders has increased by 30% and Quantity of support cases has decreased by 17% for a rugby club in the UK with a sports equipment shop
•Salesforce, B2C Commerce Cloud: Inventory
Management, Open Commerce API. Mobile app Development (Flutter), Flow Customization
Integration with 3rd party system
Marketing Cloud: Marketing Cloud social studio
Inventory Management System
Reduce workload and improve your inventory management strategy with an automated system. Create a return request system to make it easier to return and repair purchased items.
Integration with loyalty programs and payment systems such as Stripe, PayPal, etc. to manage orders using the B2C Commerce payment processor. Bill and invoice configuration to ensure payment processing and invoicing at the right time.
Mobile Application and QR Scanners
Easily develop mobile apps and customize them using Flutter to enhance the user comfort. Integration of the mobile app with the website to enhance the customer experience. QR code scanners allow customers to navigate to the website faster.
Open Commercial API
The solution allows external web applications to interact with the Shopping Cart and Checkout. It can provide data access to products and catalogs.
Marketing Cloud Social Studio
Integration of Social Studio with social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to attract customers. Customers submitting the form are taken to the Marketing Cloud. If a customer buys a product or service, they will receive emails through the Marketing Cloud or push notifications through the mobile application.
Order Management Connector
Management Solution. To connect Salesforce to the Order Management System, you need to set up a special connector. It provides flow customization to modernize sections and simplify the interface.
Salesforce features
for eCommerce
User experience improvement and Reduced workload for online store selling automobile spare parts
Salesforce, B2B Commerce Cloud: Visualforce Pages, Data Migration, Custom Logic
Customer engagement personalization and Increased sales volume for automotive company that provides a transaction platform to purchase selected and used cars online
Salesforce, Salesforce, Sales Cloud & Service Cloud
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Increase sales, expand sales channels and attract more customers
Salesforce benefits in retail
Improved customer support service
Implementing digital processes
Time and cost savings
Boosted Field Service
Our cases in Retail
Time savings and Redistribution of time to higher priority tasks for large international retailer with a network of offline and online stores around the world
Solutions: SAP integration, order management
integration, Service Cloud integration,
Commerce Cloud integration, Marketing
Clod social studio implementation, email
templates builder configuration
Minimizing tools quantity and Boosted digital engagement for a health care brand that produces dental braces
Solutions: Experience Cloud, Custom Component,
Digital Engagement, Manufacture
Community, Omni-channel.
Customer support strategy enhancement and Boosted field service for provides 3D printed Invisible Braces
Solutions: Salesforce: Service Cloud, Omni-channel,
Scheduled Actions, Integrations, Field
Service Lightning, Mobile APP.
Experience Cloud Site
You can build your store with Salesforce tools
Strengthen customer support and solve problems faster with multi-channel opportunity that allow you to manage any number of communication channels - website, email, phone, etc.
Integration with key data sources and systems with key warehouse systems - accounting, inventory and order management. Integration of Marketing Cloud Social Studio with LinkedIn and Facebook for better interaction with social networks customers. Integration between Salesforce and messengers.
Field Service Lightning
Installation and setting Field Service Lightning with implementing the Field Service Lightning Mobile application on mobile phones to track and manage service offerings and update them accordingly. Empower mobile services by providing personalized mobile field service solutions.
Scheduled Activities
With scheduled activities, you can manage how often, through which channel and at what time managers should contact potential and current customers, optimizing support and communication with them.
Email Builder
Let the customer create emails and integrate them with Marketing Cloud.
Salesforce features for Retail