Travel & Hospitality. How to be prepared for the next season?

This article is prepared by our Salesforce Administrator Tatiana Scherbenok.

The Travel & Hospitality industry is a dynamic sector that experiences peaks and troughs throughout the year. When one season comes to an end, it's crucial to start preparing for the next one. In this article, we'll discuss how you can maximize the Salesforce leverage to ensure that you're well-prepared for the upcoming season. In the hospitality industry, maintaining strong customer relationships is vital.
52% of customers are likely to switch if brands don’t personalise (sic) communications. (Source: Salesforce)
Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers an array of features that allows you to communicate with your guests in a highly personalized and engaging manner.
With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants (USA) found a way to surprise and delight customers in personalized yet non-intrusive ways. They garnered 93% customer satisfaction scores and 89% emotional attachment scores – the highest of any hotel company in the USA. (Source: Salesforce)
Here's how Marketing Cloud enables travel businesses to create individualized communication journeys based on guest preferences, behaviors, and interactions. Make sure you use them.
Personalized Reservation Confirmations. When a guest books a room or a table at your establishment, you can use personalization strings to customize their reservation confirmation email. This not only confirms their booking but also makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Targeted Email Campaigns and Tailored Promotions. Targeted campaigns can be crafted to reach specific segments, whether it's promoting exclusive offers to frequent guests or highlighting family-friendly amenities to those traveling with children. You can send tailored promotions to your customers based on their previous interactions and preferences. This personal touch can significantly increase the chances of them booking with you again.

Feedback Requests. After a guest's stay, you can send them Personalized Feedback Request Forms. Include the guest's name and details of their stay in the form. This makes the request more personal and increases the likelihood of a response. Use the data collected from these personalized feedback forms to identify trends and areas for improvement. Addressing these concerns can enhance the guest experience and boost your reputation.

As a separate point I want to highlight Marketing Cloud Personalization Studio. It is a powerful tool for creating personalized guest experiences. It allows you to craft tailored content and offers based on your guests' preferences, behaviors, and demographics.

Here are some ways you can use it to prepare for the upcoming season:

Dynamic Website Content. Use Personalization Studio to create dynamic content on your website that adapts to each visitor's preferences. This can include showcasing different seasonal packages, promotions, and experiences.
For example, if your customer is an adventure enthusiast the homepage dynamically adapts to showcase breathtaking images of adventure activities in and around the hotel's destination.

Or imagine a potential guest visiting your hotel's website. He has previously stayed in deluxe suites during his past visits and has shown a preference for rooms with a city view. With Personalization Studio, your website can dynamically showcase content that aligns with your customer preferences.
Streamlining Email Campaigns. With Personalization Studio, the visitor's journey doesn't end when they leave your website — it's just the beginning. By streamlining email campaigns based on visitor interactions, you transform casual website visits into personalized, engaging experiences. The email's subject line and content will reflect segmented interests, showcasing relevant images, details, and enticing offers.

Personalized Recommendations. Leverage the power of AI and machine learning to offer personalized recommendations for accommodations, dining options, and activities. This can boost upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, so must our approach to guest engagement. Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers hospitality businesses to deliver personalized, targeted, and memorable experiences that keep guests coming back. By leveraging the capabilities of Marketing Cloud, you not only enhance guest satisfaction but also drive brand loyalty in an increasingly competitive market. It's time to elevate your marketing strategies and unlock the full potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud in the world of travel & hospitality.